A downloadable asset pack

This is free animated pixel simulations of explosion / fire/ smoke and maybe some other stuff in the future.

If you want to support this project you can donate to my donationalerts

You can use this assets however you want, although i will be glad if you credit me

Right now there are 10 64x64 assets, 3 of which include looped version, and 3 16x16 assets,  2 of which include looped version, and i will add more in the future

Assets are transparent 64x64 and/or 16x16 png sequences

Instead of drawing all animations by hand i simulated it in blender and renderd in low resolution with transparent background and without smoothing, this gave me more natural/noisy result.

 I would like to hear any suggestions about what assets to do.


PixelSimulations.zip 24 MB

Development log


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Holy Moly.


Where do I pay? How is this free!?

Thanks 😅. I glad you liked my asset! Sorry, but you can donate only through donationalerts for now... But if you want to support the project i would like to hear any suggestions or ideas of what i should add to this asset 🙂

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Why don't you have the option to donate? Your work is incredible, I would like to support you with a donation :D

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Thanks, I added donation link if you want to support this project

Absolutely gorgeous!

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